Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

VQTV: Week of June 15

With another weekend about to begin and summer officially about to hit the books, it’s the perfect time to get outside and get riding. On this week’s episode of VQTV, we take a look at some of the upcoming events Vision Quest is participating in, where you can ride with Vision Quest in the days ahead and how Dave Noda, VQ’s director of operations, averaged 45 mph at the Bigfoot Triathlon (speaking of which, that’s coming up on Sunday, June 28).

And while all of these great rides and events are going on at home, I’m preparing to embark on what has become an annual tradition, broadcasting from the Tour de France when it kicks off on July 4. I shared some of my trip’s highlights and what I’ll be doing while I’m following the Tour in this week’s episode.