Predict the Tour de France Outcome!

Will Lance’s return to the Tour de France result in a yellow jersey and podium finish? Is Denis Menchov poised to follow up his Giro d’Italia win with a Tour victory? Or is Danilo Di Luca seeking redemption through the French countryside? Now’s your chance to guess who’s going to finish first and by how many minutes–or seconds–ahead of the rest of the competition in the Tour de France Prediction Poll.

To participate, just fill out the form, choose your three podium picks and how much time separates the first and second place standings. The three contestants who come closest will win some great prizes. While it might not be the prize money and listings among the annals of Tour de France winners, first place wins a VQ backpack, second place wins a VQ wheelbag and third place wins a realRides’ Race Day DVD!

Robbie will be busy broadcasting the Tour on the Versus network, but you can share in the spirit without ever leaving home…and even snag a prize! Start here by watching Robbie’s own predictions for the outcome…


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