Team Time Trial at the Tour

Interviewing Cav before the start of Stage 2

Interviewing Cav before the start of Stage 2

Team Time Trial Day.

Good fun at my AM ride with Jesse B. and good times doing the interviews and the course report. The course is tough on so many levels: windy, hilly, rough, twisty and overall not really made for a team TT. I really think the strong teams will come alive in today’s TT. Look for almost all teams to suffer today at some point!

I made a video of my ride today and thanks to Bob Weeks we will have a great erg video for the VQ’ers this winter. I look forward to giving all the VQ’ers across the country a chance to ride the team TT course they did in the Tour.

The tour continues to roll on–I have been here a week now and it seems like we are all getting in the groove once again.   Stand-ups are always a challenge and the questions never come out like you rehearsed them. If it was easy it would definitely not be as much fun. I enjoy everyone’s support you have sent me via twitter or e-mail. I read every one of the notes you guys send me. Please know now that I appreciate all of them even though I cannot possibly reply to all of them while I am here. The Tour gets very tough in a couple of days and I cannot wait for the first mountain stage to see who has his climbing legs on. If you get a chance check out the Versus website, click my pre-race video–it has some fun stuff in there and some of the moments I remember at the Tour.

The race today was one of the best I have seen in some time. Crashes, epic battles and a real nail-biter finish. Lance figures it out once again and almost dons the golden fleece. I cannot tell you how exciting this first week has been already, and when they hit the climb on Thursday it is going to be all-out war. Watch out for Kloden to strike first. Miss everyone back home like mad.



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