Take the Tour to Cycling Camp

I’ve mentioned some of my excitement following the Tour day-in and day-out live from France and how it’s just heating up from here. But if you’re getting as thrilled as I am–maybe even to the point where you wished you could ride–you don’t have to keep wishing for long. While you’re following the Tour de France this month, you can sign up for the next installment of Vision Quest cycling camp that will take place at the end of September, El Tour de Robbie and Gordo. Once the Tour wraps, I’ll be anxious for September to roll around for this week-long event to start and to meet up with my buddy and triathlon guru, Gordo Byrns.

Not only does this ride take riders to Las Vegas and the surrounding area over the course of the week, but cyclists get to depart from the infamous Interbike show–after browsing around of course! Some of the highlights from the point-to-point camp include riding the Silverman Triathlon’s bike course, exploring the Valley of Fire in the Nevada desert and Snow Canyon in Utah, checking out more canyons in central Utah, and previewing the Ironman St. George bike course. The goal is to increase endurance and overall fitness and cyclists have the option of riding short (50 miles) or long (100 miles) daily. Talk about getting strong on the bike.

Check out this video we created about the camp:



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