Thoughts from Stage 13

Well folks the GC battle has started once again. Today’s big climbs and epic weather conditions have this race heating up once again. This is the most exciting part of the Tour and we are going to be treated to the best Tour in recent history. As for me: I have been rolling along doing my interviews and enjoying my stand-ups. Things have been pretty stress-free for the most part. The transfers are all longer then I remembered but if that is my biggest problems I am not doing to bad.

Besides my wife and kids, the thing I miss most is riding my bike. Just want to tell everyone we are so lucky that we get the gift of being able to ride out bike pretty much whenever we want. There are so many people who don’t have the means nor the health, or opportunity to ride their bikes like we can. We can never take our health nor this wonderful sport for granted.

The race today was brutal on the cyclist as well as the Versus staff. Trying to keep everything dry during interviews and stand-ups is not easy. Trying to make sure the studio stays in tip-top shape as well as running tapes to and from the interviews to the truck becomes a little bit tougher with the rain and nasty weather.

Again, check my Twitter at Robbieventura for some photos and video updates from France. The finish today was a bit of a surprise with a lead-out man taking the stage but that is bike racing. Never goes as planned but we keep trying to guess–that is the fun of it for me. Watching HH cross the line in tears today was about as cool as it gets here at the Tour de France. This race means so many different things to everyone who is part of it. The riders, staff, media, fans, etc. They all get something out of it and I can tell you it is always something special. Hope everyone is good at home. Talk soon.


P.S. Pictures coming soon


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