The Stage 15 Run-Down

Second mountain top finish of this year’s Tour did not disappoint. Today I did a record of five start-line interviews: Dirk Demol, Matt White, Bob Stapleton, Christian VandeVelde and George Hincapie. It is a bit stressful to do all those interviews in one day, but in the end I love to be busy so for me it is better to do more than less. One thing about working here at the Tour is there is a bunch of standing around waiting on the athletes. This is like nails on a chalkboard for a person like me. I need to be busy and I need to feel productive or I go crazy. My wife discovered this on our honeymoon when she wanted to hang by the pool for our vacation while I was trying to master every water sport known to man. We have both adjusted and I am a little (not much) better at kicking back and relaxing.

I am looking forward to our next rest day and I have to tell you that I cannot believe we only have 6 stages to go and this one is in the books. This tour has flown by not only for me but for our entire crew. The mountaintop finishes are great to watch but they are a bit challenging from a logistics standpoint. We have to get up and down the mountain and with so many fans and so few roads it often times gets to be a major cluster and time comes to a halt when you’re stuck on a mountain doing nothing. And we all know how much I like doing nothing!

The interviews at the end of the stage today were crazy–there was not enough room for the media, riders, cars and tour staff! And something had to give! I still ended up getting to speak with Bradley Wiggens, Christian and Ryder of Slipstream, but it was an incredible day for everyone involved with the Tour.

Alberto stamped is authority on the Tour and Lance survived his first real test of the mountains. All in all a very good day.



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