Stage 17 Is in the Books, Wow!

Seventeen down and four to go. Hard to believe we’re in the final stretch of the Tour.

Good times at the Tour this year. I had a great morning and a great Tour thus far. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today was much like the other mountain stages we have seen with a long break dominating most of the stage.

But the big surprise was Thor Hushovd. This guy proved that the fastest man in the race does not always win the GREEN jersey in the tour. This year the strongest fast man won the prize with a tactical move on the most unusual day to lock in the green. This may be the first time both the polka dot and green jersey were locked up on a mountain stage. The finish today was in the same French town that we finished in a few years ago. I remember doing the zip line here in 2007 and I had a ball on the ropes course–if I have time I will give it a go again today.

Tomorrow is the TT course and I hope to get to ride the course tomorrow with my good friend John Bucksbaum. I am sure we will run into some of the teams out there reckoning with the course too.

I want to thank Versus this year for making the accommodations better then I could ever have imagined. We had Internet almost every night which really helped me stay connected to my family each night. I spent many nights falling asleep to the hustle-bustle of my wife and four kids playing and having fun at the house. Being able to stay connected to my life at home is such a huge bonus that was not as practical in past Tours because of technology.

I hope all of you at home are enjoying this wonderful race filled with excitement, drama, and the beautiful countryside. Today the boat was rocked once again, with the steep mountains being just too much for the Garmin boys. Christian V. rode his butt off for Wiggins today. He was simply awesome, giving everything he had to help Bradley limit his losses.

Near the end Contador made a strange move 5 kilometers from the top of the final climb that blew his teammate out of the winning move and the Schleck brothers into second and third place. Lance ripped it up again at the end of the stage to put himself in contention to take back his second place in the TT tomorrow.

Looking forward to last 5 days of Tour.



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