Happy Holidays!

Dear VQ,

I get a little emotional at this time of year. Those of you that know me well understand how much I love the holiday season. I am still a firm believer in Santa Claus and the holiday spirit burns bright within me. From the holiday music to the changing of the seasons to the thought of snow…it all makes me constantly giddy. I hope I get the chance to spend time with all of you at one point or another during this holiday season so you can see for yourself what I mean.

ventura family

At this time of year, I’m also thinking about what VQ has become over the last eight years and it amazes me. We have a great staff here at VQ, but what has made this place great is all of you. You are incredible in so many ways and I appreciate you all. So I want to first thank everyone who has supported and continues to support VQ. You have made my job so much fun and so incredibly rewarding that I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to do what I love for a living. I had the greatest coaching moment of my life this year when Mike Blumenthal finished Ironman Madison after three years. Plus Eric Sondag won the Cross Cup and eleven VQ athletes did Kona! These are just some of the great moments that have forever shaped and changed my life. I appreciate the attitude and drive all of you possess–it keeps me striving to provide a better place for you to train. Your passion and smiles give VQ an energy and excitement that makes it the special place that it is.

Thanks to everyone who came out for VQ Holiday Breakfast–and to Dan Katz and The Broken Spokes Band! I want to highlight the awards for 2009:

Male Cyclist of the Year: Bob Schrank
Female Cyclist of the Year: Amelia Katz
Male Triathlete of the Year: Scott Michalik
Female Triathlete of the Year: Erin Finnegan
Perseverance Award: Mike Blumenthal
Coach of the Year: Jason Schisler

Please take this holiday season to give yourself a big pat on the back for the things you have accomplished this year…as well as a firm kick in the butt to get you started on the goals you will tackle in 2010. The holidays are a time to reconnect with family and friends that have supported you on your journey. Make sure that you reciprocate that support in ways they will appreciate as well. Sometimes through our training we get so focused on our targets that we forget how they can impact the people in our lives that mean much more than the success of any one event. Re-evaluate your balance of life and keep grounded and connected to what means the most.

Above all, enjoy this holiday season! I look forward to eating a bunch, training a bunch and spending time with the people that mean the most to me. I cannot wait to see what the new year brings all of you and VQ. We have had a great 2009 and I know that we are going to keep the momentum and rip up 2010. Don’t forget to refer to the holiday workout schedule for the next couple weeks:

Click here to view the VQ holiday schedule.

Once again, a big thank you from all of the VQ coaches and staff!

God Bless to you and yours!



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