New Year, Fresh Start

We are in the new year and spring is going to be here before we know it. My suggestion to all: set up your weekly routine and start to get in good habits now. The holidays are behind us and the joys they bring will power us through the rest of 2010. This transition back into a training routine is often the toughest time of the year for many of us. I struggle to get my routine dialed as well. Once I set my routine though, my life balance and training fall nicely into place.

January and February are also the time to register for your events. Give your family or significant others plenty of lead time on the timing of your key events so they can adjust their schedules if possible. Many of the VQ events are listed on our website, but follow the link below to many of the events that we will be supporting this year. As you will see, anyone can find something on this list that they like or can accomplish.

2010 VQ Events

As for me personally, I am getting closer to my early season goal of competing in the Birkie, but with my recent trip to Europe for Versus, my training has taken a major hit. Go figure–the snow finally comes and I have to skip town at the most important part of my cross country ski training! But this is life and, like an injury, you have to adapt your training and adjust your goals given the circumstances of life. Again, that is why the journey has to be the reason, not the end result.

VQ is heading for a major push over the next few months to get all our athletes’ minds and motors ready to be tuned for their specific training blocks coming in spring. Take these next 12 weeks of winter to create more power, strength and aerobic fitness, so when it is time to get specific with training, your body and mind are ready to adapt.

I wish you all a great winter of training and remember to play well the cards you are dealt: too many of us want different cards or think that everyone else has a better hand. Be smart with your time and you will be surprised that the cards you have are plenty good to succeed if just played properly.

Good luck and Godspeed!



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