I Picked Today’s Stage Winner!

The Tour de France is full of twists and turns–just take the Tour’s opening days full of crashes, injuries and predictions gone wrong. That’s part of the fun and excitement of it all. I’ve created a little challenge of my own while I’m out here, with the help of my friends back at Trek of Highland Park.

Each day I pick my prediction for the stage winner. Trek of Highland Park announces the prediction on Facebook and Twitter with updates if I was right or wrong. If I’m right, Trek HP will offer 20 percent off one clothing item or accessory, except for Mellow Johnny’s. If I’m wrong, you just have to stay tuned until the next stage and hope I pick a winner.

But the best news is that today, I predicted correctly! I said Mark Cavendish was going to win and he pulled off an 11th stage victory. With all the ups and downs, I’m surprised it finally happened as I’ve definitely thought my other predictions were on target too. With that being said, that means that Trek HP is having some store specials through tomorrow. Check it out and stay tuned for more predictions–maybe I’ll choose right again!



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