Balance Balance Balance

The Tour is a very interesting time for me personally. Versus has given me the opportunity to be a part of the biggest cycling event in the world with France being one of the most exciting backdrops to work from. I love the Tour and I love being as close to the action as I can get. The excitement leading up to this year’s Tour was the biggest and best in a long time. We had all the sport’s best riders in top form fighting for the most coveted jersey in the world: The Maillot Jaune. For me, just getting to experience that entire battle firsthand is something that I never take for granted. The work itself however is long and often difficult. I often find doing the interviews and stand-up spots challenging. It may look easy when watching the TV, but having a camera in your face as you describe something complicated, knowing a million viewers are watching, takes practice and experience. I continually try to refine my techniques, but in the end, like Malcolm Gladwell said, the more you do something, the better you get at it.

The other challenge for me is being away from my family for close to a month. With four growing kids and a wife that has so much to do, I feel that this is a huge sacrifice for them and that tears at me. The things Lori has to do by herself for a month is something that I don’t think I can truly understand. A month is a long time away and when I re-enter their lives around August, it takes a while before I am accepted back into the family rhythm. The best way I have found to maintain some of the balance with my crew at home is to Skype™ daily. There is something about seeing your family each day and not just talking to them that makes it a bit more real. In the end, we made the decision as a family and we are all in support of the sacrifices we all make for the Tour.

The race itself is inspiring and for those of you that watch, I implore you to get over at some point and experience it firsthand. The riders are incredible, the scenery is picturesque, the mountains are humiliating and the fans have a passion and love for this sport like no other. When watching the spectacle of the Tour, allow yourself to be inspired by the athletes and please, please, please see the mental and physical strength these warriors possess, not the bad choices some of their peers made in the past.

This is a unique month for me, but a month when I miss my family, friends, VQ and Trek of HP crews. Think of all the great stories I will share with you all for the months to come! Enjoy the racing and training and remember to continue to reflect on your own personal training/life balance.

Vive le Tour!



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