Join the Mo-vement

We’re not all about racing and riding here at Vision Quest Coaching–we’re about giving back to the community too. So this month we’re not only giving back and showing support for a cause, but some of us VQers will be sporting a little extra scruff around the face. The VQ men are getting our Mo’ on for Movember, a moustache-growing charity event that takes place in November and raises awareness about men’s health.

As for the fundraising aspect, Vision Quest starts the ball rolling with a $10 donation to Movember for every VQ man who grows a full moustache until the month’s end. What’s even better–and charitable to boot–is Trek of Highland Park will be matching those donations, and their store manager K.C. Speich is growing his mo’ so you’ll have to check his progress when you’re in the store (or make a point to go this month!).

Guys not already involved…now’s your chance to join. All you have to do is start growing out your ‘stache and post your pics at But you can take it forward by fundraising for Movember (in addition to those VQ and Trek donations) or getting creative with that fuzz now growing on your face. Like rocking the handlebars a la me (or maybe it’s starting to resemble a Ben Stiller in Dodgeball look?). Or adding some curlicues? Or beckoning Burt Reynolds? What’s your look going to be?

Stay tuned to Facebook to see how my look progresses! I already have a lot of growth (see the photo) just a few days in.



One response to “Join the Mo-vement

  1. Hi Robbie,
    Last year on the final day of the Tour de France 2010, my daughter & I were Frankie Andreu’s guests on the Champs. We had the time of our lives. I don’t think I will ever forget the up close & personal view we had at the Versus headquarters. You might remember us, I was the middle-aged woman (!) with the pretty daughter who asked to have her picture taken with you. We stood next to your guests the whole time, 2 siblings I think, the guy knew your dad. I talked to you about my 16-year old son who wasn’t able to be with us. He is the true cycling fanatic. We’ve planned another trip to Paris this summer, and even plan on being in Grenoble with our French friends for the time trial. Unfortunately, we just learned Frankie is no longer doing the Tour. I know that you don’t know me from Adam. But I’ll ask anyway. How can I obtain those “VIP” passes? Do I write to Versus? Could you help? My son & husband will be able to go with us this year and it is a dream to have them experience what my daughter and I did last year. If you can help in any way, I would be very grateful, more than thankful for your help. My son races with Ann Arbor Velo Club and you would make this teenager very, very happy. Please let me know. BTW, I can send you the photo of you & my daughter if you’d like. Great photo of you. I appreciate your taking the time to read this email and I thank you in advance. Please use my email address to respond: Beth Kelley, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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