Best of the Best Triathlon Panel

Want to pick up a few minutes on the Ironman Wisconsin course or successfully navigate Lake Shore Drive during the Chicago Triathlon? How about learning some of the tricks to open water swimming so you don’t feel like you’re drowning? Need to conserve enough energy to outlast your competition when you hit the roads running? Ready to dominate your next triathlon and reach a personal best?

I’m not saying that Vision Quest has all the answers, but we might have a lot of them at our Best of the Best Panel on Thursday, August 9. I’ll be emceeing this event where we’ll have some local experts uncovering the tricks to their trades as they pertain to triathlon, racing and recovering. Yes, there will be a focus on Ironman Wisconsin as many VQers are racing that event and we have our final Madison ride of the season two days later on August 11. But that definitely doesn’t mean you won’t go home without some useful information to put into action at any race, Ironman or not. The idea is that the panel will help triathletes with their approach to the sport–on race day and in training–and what to expect on race day. And if you have questions, bring’ em! It’s an open forum so you can ask away. That’s why we pulled these experts together for a sporty evening at VQ Chicago:

  • Andrea Rudser-Rusin: Registered Dietician/Board Certified Sports Dietician
  • Marcia Cleveland: Open water swimming expert
  • Adam Zucco: Amateur age group winner and triathlon coach
  • Dr. Paul Marando and Dr. Tim Marando: The Sports Docs
  • April Oury: Bike fitter
  • Jenn Robbins: Running guru
  • And a surprise guest: First-time Ironman finisher

Along with this panel of experts, we’re also going to be raffling off some cool prizes. So if the panel’s not enough to get you in the door at 6 p.m., maybe the prizes–or the fact that this event is free (donations are accepted and I’ll explain why)–will. This event is free to attend but we’re asking for donations for World Bicycle Relief. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase 17 bicycles, one bike for every hour the Ironman course is open. Click here to learn more about this exciting fundraiser. And click here to read more–and RSVP–to our August 9 event.

See you there!




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