Heading West: USA Pro Cycling Challenge

The big challenge of this year still awaits me at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that we are doing with Trek Travel in late August. The race itself takes professional cyclists 683 miles up, over and around Colorado on some of the toughest terrain in the Rockies–all in seven days.

This will take fit legs and tremendous support from the VQ/TREK team from both the physical and emotional levels. We will count on everyone around us to make sure we stay focused and prepared for the many mountains, distances, altitudes and winds that will surely test our mental and physical limits. We will need TREK to have perfect support, our massage therapists to have us recovering each night, our nutrition to be dialed in both on and off the bikes and our teammates working together and helping when any of us are having a bad patch. These bad patches will happen to everyone, but with that team support we always get through them!

I am excited to share the suffering with my teammates and crew and I promise there will be lots of learning and stories shared every night. I will share some of them with you when we’re back. But before then, we’ll be sharing pictures through our social media channels.



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