The Future of Our Sport

Wow! I regularly receive emails from athletes seeking advice, loving the Real Ride DVDs, asking questions about training and Vision Quest and anything pertaining to cycling, and more. But it’s a note like the one below that really hits home and validates what I do every day. There is a reason for why I’m still in this crazy sport after so many years…the athletes!

Here’s the note–and a huge thanks to Josey for reaching out!

Hi Robbie, my name is Josey.
I am sending this email to ask about your Charter membership. Allow me to tell you more about myself, I am 15 years old (I have a December birthday so racing age 16 and Cyclocross 17) and have been racing my bike for 8 years. Cycling is my passion, I love it! My dream is to become a professional cyclist and I plan to take this sport as far as I can, I have had a structured training plan for several years and each year my training volume has increased. I have always been a bit behind on growth for my age but I am starting to see the benefits of puberty. Because of this, things are really starting to come together. I placed 2nd overall at Tour of America’s Dairyland in cat 4’s (I had several podiums and got in a lot of break aways), I went to the Tour de Rimouski and placed 36th there. I was invited to Geoff Procter’s USAC devo Cyclocross camp and have the goal of making it to Eurocamp in the next two years. In order to do this, in the upcoming cross season that I am preparing for I plan to race all or most of the 9 the Junior UCI races in the US. Beyond Cyclocross my real passion is on the Road. I also MTB and although this is where I began the sport of cycling I race it less as I get more serious about Road and Cross.
I primarily focus on base work and love to do long rides. I prefer not to ride the trainer and enjoy riding outside no matter what the weather (in the winter I do lots of long frozen gravel road rides). I use a heart monitor and have been training with lactate tested heart rate zones for almost two years now. Last year I did about 400 hours, 5000 miles, 40 race days and 60 races (I double up often). I also started doing some focused threshold and power work. I am on on track to do the same amount of races but my training volume has increased. I have always focused on actively pursuing my dream in every way. I am home schooled and live on a organic farm and my schedule is very flexible, it’s never a issue to find time to train and race. I am very dedicated to my training schedule and follow it diligently. I also am very good at reading my body and always make sure to give my coach feedback on how I feel. Because of how long I have been working on my fitness, I do better in my multiple days of racing and love to stage race.
I have a blog you can check out here. Let me know if there is any other information I can give you, (I can send my test results from this spring if needed). I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your program.
P.S, we’ve met before, but it was a long time ago.
Nature valley grand prix, virginia stage.
Any coaches or athletes out there who get motivated by notes like this?

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