Winter Blues…Group Training Keeps the Blues Away

 When I come into VQ Highland Park on a Saturday, from freezing temperatures outside, and witness over 120 smiling athletes training hard on the trainers throughout the morning, it lifts my spirits and confirms how important group training is at this time of year. The cold, snowy weather we have experienced this winter has been the worst I have seen in recent history. This weather has proven to bring down our morale and excitement for life significantly. I believe what we do at VQ really helps many of us from losing motivation and happiness during these tough winter months. Exercise, in general, is so important to staying positive during these short, cold days. This is true for the VQ athletes as well as for the VQ coaches and instructors. After speaking with many in the latter group about what they find motivating, they unanimously said, “the smiles and passion of the VQ athletes”. I could not agree more with the VQ instructor crew.

For those of you reading this who are not VQers, I encourage you to find a group of athletes to train with who are motivated, supportive and friendly. A good group can really help keep you fired up, not only for exercise, but for being healthy and happy overall. A positive group training environment can be a “game changer” when the gray winter blues start getting the best of our moods.

Things to look for in finding a good training group:

  1. Good balance of life–find a group that is not “over-the-top-serious” about competition, but moreover wants to be efficient with training and focuses on the journey, not the finish line.
  2. Members need to smile a lot and be supportive of you no matter what your level or goals might be.
  3. Reliability–if they are on time, reliable and consistent, you will have a much easier time showing up…even when you don’t feel like it.

I would suggest trying out a few indoor training groups and settling on the one that makes sense logistically, financially and feels right in your gut! The class times and location of the studio should make sense so you don’t spend all your training time driving to and from a facility.

If you find yourself getting blue this winter you may want to think about finding some training buddies, cranking some good music and praying for spring!




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