Cold, Cold, Cold

The key to improvement is training right! An easy way to train right is to train indoors. Just ask Andy Potts who spoke to all the VQers a couple months ago. Andy is one of the most talented and grounded athletes I have met in the endurance world in a long time. He spoke to us from the heart and his passion and charisma were contagious. I think everyone who left the “Andy Potts Night” was motivated, excited and happy to be part of the endurance community. He spoke at length on the value of training indoors and how he could never get as good as he is by just training outside. He talked about the value of controlling load and increasing the work-to-rest ratio systematically, as well as the benefits of a controlled environment. After seeing the most recent FTP test results at VQ, I agree with him 100%. I have witnessed bigger improvements in power output by VQers this year than in any other year in the history of our program.

Now as we continue to refine protocols and improve our product, I reflect on the idea that people have been forced to ride inside more this winter and because of that we have been able to control the intensity and thus make bigger gains than would have been made outdoors. That is a silver lining to the big cloud of winter that has been shadowing us so persistently this year. Three cheers for getting stronger indoors!

There comes a point though, when we all feel like enough is enough and we need to get outside. When I get to this point I am willing to give up some improvement to get out for a nice long sunny ride and soak in all the outdoors has to offer. I was so fired up to get those great camp miles in Arizona–and now it is on to Base Camp in May! The sun will be shining and we will feel the awesome effects of all that indoor training. We were able to get outside a few weekends ago at the Barry-Roubaix. The event was a huge success for VQ with over 40 athletes taking the start. The overall consensus at day’s end was that it was one of the hardest, longest 60-mile days ever, but also one of the most rewarding! The event was well run and the support amongst competitors was unlike any bike race I have ever done. Supporting and encouraging one another openly is a sign to me that our sport is evolving in a positive way. The new energy from riding outside together was incredible and I hope the vibe at Barry-Roubaix continues to spread to all aspects of bike racing.

In closing, I will say that we need to find the good in every situation–it’s the silver lining in what our lives bring to us. The weather has been a challenge, but it brought the biggest improvements in VQ’s history. The road conditions, temperature and travel time to Barry-Roubaix were challenges, but the satisfaction of finishing, time spent with friends and rising to the challenge were very positive things that came out of that event. When gray clouds roll in, it is important to keep your goals challenging and your mindset positive in order to find the silver lining. Both of these things together make a great combination and can be influenced by people around you. Surround yourself with silver lining-seekers and you will find yourself wanting to smile more!




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